How can so many Countries, Doctors, Scientists, Peers, Groups and People all be ‘conspiracy theorists’, so passionate and integral in what they share on what should always be supported and encouraged as open debate on any topic of concern and choice? The ones censoring, dictating and speaking down to the people are the ones we should be researching and extremely weary of!

Telegram is respectfully uncensored, and the information and groups there are diverse and valuable and a great platform to explore and stay currently informed.

You can join many diverse channels, some are information sharing and reading only, others are open chat pages to participate in. You need to remember to clear the cache here regularly, via the storage and data. This will not impact any of the information on any channel. Due to such an extraordinary amount of censorship on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Google (not to mention others) most of the independent and peer-reviewed research has moved over to platforms such as Telegram. We will try to bring some of this Information to this website, doing some of the research 🧐 for you!

As we stay informed via independently researched and peer reviewed studies, Doctors, Scientist, Immunologists and others not funded by the pharmaceutical industry or other large profiting industries, we become trusting of the many sources that are labelled conspiracy theorists, quacks and fake, who all risk their lives for the truth to be revealed and believed. Why would the hundreds and thousands of doctors, scientists, journalists, and individuals risks their careers and lives to be a conspiracy theorist and spread ‘fake news’? Any intelligent person who opens their eyes can see, that, what is mostly censored is truth.

So please commit to reading, researching and unveiling the truth, it could save humanity and the future for all of our children to have freedom of choice, and education that embraces these choices and a community that nourishes life, nature, living and love. Keep coming back to check this page, as additional links, information and categories get added. Also Feel free to contact us if you think there is some information we need to put up here…

Telegram Groups

Here are some Telegram groups that I’d recommend Joining. They have some awesome info in them.Click the Buttons bellow to join them:

Dr Hotze explains the CV Vaccine

Drs Mikovits and O.Young speak to the LIES

Maker of PCR TEST

Freedom Rally Melbourne Speech

The Virus:

(Astra Zeneca Ingredient DNA explained)

The Vaccine :

The Test and Statistics:

Fact Check: the ONS figures comparing Covid to the last century have been manipulated:

(Does this 👆warrant an urgent coerced experimental vaccine with reported serious adversities across the whole globe, with over 15 countries suspending ?)